Use OABInteg Tool To Fix Outlook Address Book Issues

Outlook Address Book

         Features Of Outlook

You might have all used Outlook email client to download and store your emails in the computer. By using this email client, users are able to add their internet email accounts to the program. The program can then be used for all your email functions. That is, you do not have to login to the email account from an internet browser. By using Outlook, you can always view the downloaded emails even if your computer is not connected with the internet.

Outlook program helps you to store emails, contacts and calendars in the program. Outlook address book is capable of storing large number of contacts in it. The .OAB file of the program is responsible for storing all this data. Now, if you have setup Outlook with Exchange server in cached mode, the .OAB file, which is offline address book, is used. In order to cut down the traffic to the Exchange server, the program downloads a compressed copy of the file each day. This is downloaded in the form of LDAP calls, which is later used to search for addresses.

Outlook Email Client

Outlook Email Configuration

Sometimes, you might encounter troubles accessing the offline address book file. In this situation, you may make use of the tool called OABInteg to fix this issue. This tool is a command line utility and runs from the command prompt window. It was developed by the website So, how does this tool function? According to the developers, the tool rebuilds the .OAB files from scratch. With this, most of the problems with the Outlook address book can be sorted out. Sometimes, the rebuild fails due to incorrect configuration of Active Directory.

The tool is designed to run different tests for Active Directory and for MAPI. One of the tests for MAPI is designed to find out if there are any invalid attributes in the file MAPISVC.INF. If there were any, it would prevent the .OAB file from working correctly. Now, while using this tool, you should make sure that it is run from a client profile, which is not in cached mode. Or else, chances are high that you receive false results. Also, note that the LDAP tests will work only in case of Global Catalog Server.

For further assistance on this tool, you may go through the .DOC file that comes with the tool or contact our technical support team.

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Use Note Address Book Converter To Transfer Your Contacts To Outlook Address Book

Outlook Address Book

Contacts In Outlook Address Book

Note Address Book converter is a tool designed to help users extract contacts from Note Address Book and convert them into PST file format. The thus converted contacts are compatible with Outlook Address Book of most Microsoft Outlook editions. Due to its simple user interface and higher applicability, the tool has become one of the popular Outlook supporting tools.

Benefits of converting NSF contacts

Note Address Book converter helps you extract and convert contacts from NSF files to both Unicode PST files and ANSI. Resultantly, it becomes easier and simpler for users to make quick shift from one emailing platform to other. Besides that, the conversion of the contacts works without any hardcore requirements. Users who have used Note Address Book converter tool testify that it helped them make a switch between Outlook Address Book and Lotus Notes Personal Address book more easily.

Latest version of Note Address Book converter boasts high-end features

The developers of Note Address Book converter tool insists on introducing new features to the tool from time to time. The latest version boasts a number of high-end features and enhancements. The new features make the migration of contacts from one email platform to anther much simpler and easier. Moreover, the bugs the earlier versions had are addressed in the new version. There are fewer chances that users come across any potential errors or problems while migrating their contacts.

Pst File Format

Outlook Support

The best part of the latest version of Note Address Book Converter is that it does not mandate users to move all their data stored in NSF files to other formats before migration. For instance, if you want to transfer your Lotus Notes personal address book contacts to the Outlook Contacts Book, you can specify that when prompted and make the migration quicker and simpler. Moreover, the migration does not cause any destruction to the data stored in the application.

Before executing Note Address Book converter tool, you may have a lot of concerns as to what commands should be given, how to start with, what if the files get deleted and the likes. But, once the tool is opened and you are into it, you will be surprised to see its simple user interface and easy operational steps.

Since Outlook Contacts Book is more extensive, inclusive, compatible and acceptable, it is better to transfer all your contacts to it from other emailing platforms. And Note Address Book converter tool is the right one for the job.

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Getting Your Email Contacts Out Of Outlook

Outlook Address Book

     Outlook Address Extraction

It is possible to get your email addresses from Outlook using a third party extraction tool. Such applications are usually lightweight, and most perform the function admirably well.

Your contact list in Outlook includes names, email addresses, and other contact information. So is the Outlook Address Book, in many ways. Sometimes this includes phone numbers, and addresses though. The distribution lists you use in Outlook to send messages to preset groups of people, are subsets of the contact list itself. You use them so that you do not have to pick out the same every time you are sending a mail.

Some programs let you extract the results for your searches as well, letting you store these in the CSV or TXT format. In a CSV file, the data is stored in tabular or listed form, and you can open it using Microsoft Excel. CSV is the most preferred format when transferring data of this sort between two storage locations though.

The best extraction programs provide the option to edit and create entries among your contact information. If you are in need of backup or retrieval of data, these come in handy there too. You can also make out project assignments as table in Excel, and peruse your contact list in Notepad. For the latter you will need the file to be in the TXT format.

You can also transfer your data between different operating systems, or online-offline mode in this way. The flexibility of the options provided shows how good the program is, and you will need the best of these when the data is highly valuable, such as when it contains client contact information and the like.

Extraction Tool

        Outlook Contact Retrieval

The best example of this is if there is an upgrade being done on the computers in your firm, or when you are switching from Windows to Mac. No matter if the files you transfer will stay in sync with the original, you can always benefit from a secure backup.

The better the program you use, the more complexly flexible provisions it brings. Some applications let you extract email addresses from all the fields in a message, including the cc, bcc, and from fields, and you can refine your searches so as not to be barraged by similar results.

These are some of the things to know about email extraction programs for retrieving contact information from Outlook Address Book. Call our tech support team for assistance with this.

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Importing An Address Book From Outlook

Outlook Address Book

       Microsoft Outlook Express

If you have changed your PC recently and are looking for a way to import the address book into Outlook, here is how you do the same. You will be able to import the contacts in case if you have changed the version of Outlook that you have been using earlier. It is very easy to import the Outlook address book into Outlook.

The task of importing is very simple, so as the first step, you need to import all the contacts to the computer, or you can import them into a storage device like the flash drive to save these contacts. When you import the contacts into a removable device, it will be easier to import the contacts to another computer. You can import the address book to Windows Mail or Outlook.

Have the Outlook contacts saved into a removable storage device and then head straight to importing them into another computer. Insert the removable storage device into the computer and then launch Outlook. From the window, click on the File menu that it present to the upper left, from the ensuing menu click on the option Import And Export.

The Import And Export Wizard opens with which you can go ahead with importing. From the wizard, you need to select the option Import from Another Program or File and click on the option Next. In the next step, you will have to select the option Comma Separated Values and click on the option Next to go to the next step. Now to locate the *.Csv File, click on the Browse button, into which you had exported all the Outlook contacts. When you select the file, click on the option Open. Now

Import The Address Book

        Microsoft Outlook Contact List

you will have to choose to allow duplicates, replace the duplicates or ignore it. After the selection click on the Next option. If you need, you have the permission to set custom fields, click on Ok, followed by clicking on Finish.

This is for the users who make use of Windows Mail on Windows Vista or Windows XP. Launch Windows Mail, go to the File menu in the window, highlight the Import option and click on the option Windows contacts. You need to select the CSV (Comma Separated Values) option and then click on the Import option. In the next step you need to locate the *.Csv file with the help of the Browse button.

After selecting, click on Open and then click on Next. Choose all the fields that you need to import in the Outlook address book and then click on Finish. Contact our tech support desk if you need further assistance regarding the steps involved.


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Quick Steps For Refreshing The Global Address List

Outlook Address Book

               Outlook Contact Book

Microsoft Outlook is compatible with the GAL (Global Address List). You can integrate your Outlook Address Book with GAL and thus have access to the contact details of anyone you wish to. Global Address List works in conjunction with the local network and is meant for use with any local network of your choice. After integrating your Outlook Contact Book with GAL, you can quickly access the contact details of anyone who has stored them in GAL. This saves you from having to contact a person by mail or phone to gather his contact details.

Who hosts GAL?

Usually, the Exchange Server hosts a Global Address List. Therefore, if you wish to refresh your GAL, you need to rebuild it in the Exchange Server through command prompt. After the GAL is refreshed, the latest contacts in it will be displayed in your Outlook Address book. If it doesn’t, simply press the Send/Receive email button and it will. In the below steps, you will see how to refresh a GAL.


  • Navigate to the Start button and choose All Programs from the resulting menu.
  • Choose Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 or the version you have from the All Programs menu. Launch the Exchange Command shell by clicking Exchange Management Shell button.
  • Enter get-offlineaddressbook | update-offlineaddressbook in the blank field in the Command Shell. Consequently,
    GAL Rebuilding

                Outlook Support

    your Global Address List will be turned on and then off.  During this process, the contacts in the GAL will be refreshed and updated.

  • Wait until you receive the confirmation message that GAL has been refreshed and rebuilt. Often, the rebuilding takes a few minutes to complete. Make sure that you don’t close the window or do anything while the GAL rebuilding is taking place. Once it is completed successfully and you receive the confirmation message, click the OK button to exit the window.
  • Launch Outlook now and click the button titled Send/Receive Email, which is placed on the top of the window. Outlook will retrieve the updated contacts from GAL and integrate them with the Outlook Contact Book to make it available for the end user.

You have successfully refreshed the Global Address List and integrated new contacts from it with your Outlook Contact Book. If you chance to confront any issues during the process or have any questions regarding it, you can contact our Outlook support desk for assistance.

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