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July 8, 2016

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Essential features in iOS 10

July 1, 2016
Essential features in iOS 101

Everyone knows about the success of Apple and its operating system and its time for the new OS which is going to release this year. All the iPhone users are waiting for the launch of this iOS as this has plenty of features which make the users to get benefit. There are many major changes from the previous OS and also there are plenty of small upgrades. The current OS which is going to launch is named as iOS 10 which have many features which are copied from many third party applications. The new OS will have the 3D touch capacity which is released in the last version and the usage in the control centre will add more benefit. The control centre can be used effectively inside any other applications which make the users to select the options using the 3D display.

Essential features in iOS 10

Find my car is one of the useful application designed by Apple which helps in locating the car using the Apple maps. This application will help the people to park in a crowded place and then using this application will help in tracking it quickly. Sleep analysis is another major application included in today’s market which will help in analyzing the sleeping time of the person in the smart manner. This application will help the people to manage their sleeping time smartly and do all their activities by being healthy. There is a wide change in the home application from the previous home kit as Apple has introduced more functionality in this. Magnifier is one of the biggest applications introduced by Apple which will help the camera to magnify the texts so that the people can learn comfortably. The copy paste clipboard has wide opportunities which will provide plenty of advantages to copy and paste the images and also text from any part.

The iMessage application has been completely modified in today’s style to make the people to use the iMessage more effectively. There are lot of emoji’s introduced along with various other features to increase the feature of messaging application. The iMessage application will provide the similar functionalities to the Facebook messenger. There are more opportunities available for the people to use the messenger application and start sharing live photos and so on. There are many major updates available in the Siri application to make the technology better to help the people.