Tips For Dealing With BCM Errors In Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 Business Contact Manager

Outlook 2010 Features

Outlook 2010 is a recent version of Microsoft’s desktop email client application. It comes with Office suite 2010. There are many improvements in terms features and options in Outlook 2010, for instance, the enhancement of business contact manager. Unfortunately, Outlook 2010 Business Contact Manager is one of the features, which often becomes corrupted.

According to Microsoft experts, the reason for frequent problems with Business Contact Manager (BCM) is its complicated software link with the SQL Server Compact Edition. If the installation of BCM goes smooth, you are less likely to come across any problems. Therefore, while installing the BCM, you need to be careful. Here are some steps you can take as precaution to avoid any unexpected errors in Business Contact Manager due to installation errors.

BCM (Business Contact Manager) installation tips

Make sure that you install Business Contact Manager in your computer after the installation of Outlook 2010 is successfully completed. Though both seem to be like two independent applications, BCM is entirely depends on Outlook for its operation. Therefore, it should be installed only after the successful completion of the installation of Outlook in your computer.

Make sure that the BCM version match with Outlook version

Options In Outlook 2010

Install Outlook 2010

While choosing a Business Contact Manager for your Outlook, make sure that you check its compatibility with the Outlook version you have in the computer. If both do not match each other, you are certain to face problems after the installation. BCM 2010 is the compatible version of Outlook 2010. If you have installed an older or newer Outlook version in your computer, go for the respective BCM version. Also, note that every BCM version comes in two different models: 64-bit and 32-bit. Therefore, before purchasing the BCM version for your PC, check your operating system and note down if it is 32-bit version or 64-bit version.

Note down the error message if installation fails

If the installation of Outlook 2010 Business Contact Manager fails due to one or the other reasons, note down the error message and mention it to the tech support person you contact. Alternatively, you can search online for appropriate troubleshooting steps to fix the problem if you have the correct error message.

With the above steps, you would be able to install Business Contact Manager in your computer and make it work with your Microsoft Outlook 2010.

How To Set Up An Alias In Outlook Webmail

Outlook Address Book

Using Outlook Webmail

The Outlook webmail service is nowhere near as customizable as Gmail. That said, what it does offer is not something to easily overlook. There are some great features all to its won, such as email aliases, which you can store in the webmail version of Outlook address book. That means you will have more than one address under the single account.

Why you would want this

The usefulness of an alias may not be obvious from the start. One of these addresses can be set as the recovery email ID for if and when you lose your password. That way, hackers will find it harder to get at you through the backdoor you have set up. You can also make junk addresses so that these can be provided to websites, which require you to register. And your personal, primary email ID stays out of reach of the marketers. With them still in your Outlook address book.

Creating an alias in

  • Hit the Settings button at the upper right of the page. Choose More Mail Settings from the menu.
  • When you get to the next page, move to Managing Your Account, and then choose Create an Outlook Alias. You will have to sign in once more for this.
  • The alias creation page loads. Type in the username you want to use as the alias address, and choose the domain you want for it. Then hit Create an Alias.
  • You will be notified if the address is taken, and registered if it is not. Specify if you want the mail to the alias delivered to the primary inbox, or just a separate folder in it. Hit Done after you are finished setting that up.
Outlook Webmail Service

Outlook Webmail Alias

After a few minutes, you will get an email message saying that the new alias is ready to be used. After you have it up and running, it can be used to sign into the Microsoft account with the password you have always had for. It is also possible to switch between the different addresses as the primary email, so that the rest are delegated to the position of aliases.

These aliases can be used in other places than the website, such as for Android. If you are a user, create aliases so you can use these when you need to keep your main ID out of it. Managing is easy if you set up a folder for the mail incoming to each of these secondary IDs.

How To Bring Back Missing Contacts In Address Book

Outlook Address Book

Address Book Settings

Outlook is an all out useful email program in many ways, in that it combines the functionalities of email and contact management in heavily underrated ways. One example of this is the auto complete feature, which fills in the complete address of a contact from your Address Book, and into the message recipient field. This integration speeds up a bulk of your mail sending activities.

One issue commonly faced by users, is where the contacts don’t appear on clicking the To, Cc, or Bcc button. But they are all there when you click on the Contacts option in the navigation pane. The entries are also missing from the Address Book in the message tab under Names. When you are using the Mail view, hitting the Address Book icon shows a blank list as well.

This usually happens after you have newly set up the email client on a separate computer. It is also seen to be caused after the OS has been reinstalled, or the hard drive has been formatted. You might have successfully carried over an old PST file from a previous backup, and restored it in the right folder. The only problem is that you don’t see the contacts inside the Address Book.

What you need is to make sure in such cases, is that the Contacts folder is part of the Address Book. If this is the case, then the next thing to do is reset the configuration for the latter.

  • Enter the Go menu, and choose Folder List. The keyboard shortcut for this is CTRL+6.
  • Move to the navigation pane, and right click on the Contacts After this, choose Properties.
  • Move to the Outlook Address Book tab, and choose the Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book If the box beside it is already checked, then perform the following steps.
  • Go to Tools and choose Account Settings.

    Address Book In Outlook

    Address Book Configuration

  • Move to Address Books, and make sure Name is given here as Outlook Address Book.
  • Close Account Settings. Go to Tools and choose Address Book. Here, move to the Tools menu and select Options.
  • For the Show this address list first option, choose Contacts.
  • Hit OK and exit the dialog.

That was on how to fix the problem of missing contacts from Address Book in Outlook. But of course, this assumes that name in the Address Book setting is set correctly.

All About Outlook Address Book Search

Outlook Address Book

Microsoft Outlook Contacts

Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft. Outlook is available with the Microsoft Office Suite that is developed by the software giant. Outlook is mostly used as an email application, but it has other things to offer to the users. Apart from email organization, you can take notes, schedule meetings with the help of the calendars, set deadlines and many more such things that can help users better with their office works. Microsoft Outlook is available with the Office suite as well as a standalone application. Outlook address book is an important part of the Outlook as it stores all the contacts.

Outlook can also work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server. When Outlook is used by a large group of people, it is best to use it with the support of an Exchange Server. This will help to simplify the communication within the organization all the more easy and quick. It is important for Outlook to be working without any interruption since most of the communication within an organization takes place with the help of Outlook.

When you type an email address, Outlook would start looking for a potential match in the address book. It would keep looking for a match until it finds one in the address book. The search will end once the search reaches up to the very last contact in Outlook. In certain cases, when you have more than one address list in the profile, then Outlook would look into different contact folder or Exchange GAL.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Tips

For instance, if you have Teddy Ray and a Teddy Gray in the GAL list along with another Teddy Steele in your contacts, GAL will be the first list, in which Outlook would look for a particular contact. As you type Teddy’s name in the To column, you will see that the contacts listed in GAL only would appear, but the Teddy in Contacts will not appear in the suggestion list. This is when you would think about making changes to the way Outlook searches for a particular contact.

To make changes in the way Outlook searches for a contact, you need to open the Address book. Ctrl + Shift + B is the shortcut to the address book. In the window, you will find Tools, click on it and from the menu, choose Options. You will find the options for sorting at the very last, choose one of the address lists and then click on the arrow button. With this, the way in which Outlook address book searches changes.

Unlocking Attachment Restriction In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Address Book

Outlook Setting Instructions

Outlook is an email client developed by the software behemoth, Microsoft Corporation. Normally very reliable and efficient, there are various features such as Outlook address book, send or receive emails, scheduling appointments, meetings, calendar feature and more. However, it can happen sometimes there can be issues concerning Outlook setting or other issues that really require calling experts to resolve them.

This email management program has been created to help users send or receive email messages and even prevent the users from accessing files attachments that may contain malware or other harmful viruses that can potentially infect your system. Extremely annoying and frustrating it can be, for various users when they are not able to download the attachments that are sent to them in the email program. Error messages are displayed every time when they try downloading an attachment from the email program.

Messages can be like ‘Outlook blocking access to some potentially unsafe attachments’. Agreed, security is something very important and it is a good practice to maintain; however it is annoying when you are aware that the sent file is from a trustworthy source. Don’t worry; if it is trusty source from your Outlook address book contacts, this article will help you access and download the desired attachments in Microsoft Outlook. Here are the instructions to guide you.

  • In case you want to unblock attachments, you need a key to be added to the Windows Registry Editor. Read the steps below.
  • First close Outlook window if it is open. Hit the Start button to access start menu. Then go to ‘Run’. Enter ‘regedit’ in the blank field in the run window. Press Enter key on the keyboard
  • In the Registry Editor window, click on the ‘+’ sign located next to ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’ and then you need to navigate to ‘Software Microsoft Office12.0 Outlook Security’. Then, you need to click on the ‘Edit’ tab that can be found at the top and then select ‘New’ from the drop down menu, and click ‘String Value’. Give a
    Outlook Blocking Access

    Outlook Setting Help

    name to the value, say Level1delete. When done, right click on Level1delete and choose ‘Modify’ from the drop down menu. Enter the extensions such as .exe or.bat and hit on the ‘OK’ button in order to close the Window. Then, close the Registry Editor window.

Restart Outlook and then you need to check whether now you are able to download the blocked attachments or not. You will see no problem in doing it. You will not be encountering any error message, henceforth.

Getting To Know The Outlook Address Book

Microsoft Outlook

                     Outlook Contacts Details

Outlook contains a long list of features. Although it is an email client program, it is an extremely popular personal information manager, featuring many productivity tools. If you successfully use all the different features that Outlook provides, you will be able to perform all the actions required in a workplace without any hassles. One of the major features of Outlook is the Outlook address book and the Outlook Calendar.

The Address book is an inbuilt tool of the service that is used to keep full track of your Outlook Contacts. As the number of people you correspond with increases, you will need to keep a contacts manager in hand, which you can update with ease and manage no matter where you go. Address book, as the name suggests, is a collection of the address book of different types and formats. This feature allows you to save contact information about your business acquaintances, colleagues and friends with whom you correspond.

Many different information about each individual can be saved using the address book, some of which are:

  • Full name
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mail addresses
  • Display name
  • Addresses
  • Fax numbers
  • General notes

There are innumerous benefits of maintaining an address book. By frequently updating the information, you will be able to look up when you need it. Moreover, once updated in your Outlook email client program, this information will also be available in your smartphones that are synced with the information. This means, critical information is on your fingertips at all times, wherever you go. Once you have saved a particular contact in Outlook Address book, you will be able to use this information when composing a new email.

Outlook Address Book

                     Outlook Address Feature

Under relevant fields like TO, CC and BCC, the program will automatically search the Address book and refresh the relevant information. Outlook will automatically look through the name for a matching person in the Contact list and then fill in the rest of relevant details. The latest version of Address book even features an ability to sync with social networking websites. This way, all the relevant contact information will be pulled out from the social networking websites and the program will also notify the latest posts made by your Outlook contacts.

Microsoft Outlook has many different updates that are extremely useful but rarely utilized. Once you make use of these functions, you will be able to get through your work in minimal time and maximum ease.

How To Add Outlook Address Book Service To Email Profile

Outlook Address Book

Features Of Outlook

If you were using Outlook to manage your email accounts, you would surely have contacts saved and stored in the program. Now, if you do not add Outlook Address Book Service to your email profile, you will not be able to view the contacts folder in the program. Now, in this post, we will find out how to add this service to the email profile so that you will be able to view the contacts folder.

Steps Involved

The first step is to launch the address book lists corresponding to your email profile. For this, follow the steps below.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook 2003 from its desktop shortcut.
  • Select the option Tools in the program and click Email accounts.
  • Choose the option View or change existing directories or address books.
  • Click the button Next.
  • If you are using Outlook 2007, choose the option Tools and click Account Settings. Choose the tab Address Books.
  • If you are using Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013, choose the option File and click Account Settings. Select the option Account Settings and then Address Books.

If you find that the Address Book service is already added in the profile, you need to choose the contacts folder as an Address Book.

Outlook Help

Outlook Email Configuration

If you do not find the service added, select the button New or Add depending on the Outlook version you use and choose the option Additional Address Books. Select the button Next. Click the option Outlook Address Book and then choose Next. Select the option OK. Once you complete these steps, close the Outlook program and restart it for the changes to take effect. With this, the service will be added to the Outlook profile.

Now, in order to mark the contacts folder as an address book, select the contacts folder in the program and click the button Properties. Go to the tab Outlook Address book and choose the option Show this folder as an e-mail Address book. Once you complete these steps, you will be able to choose the contacts from the Address Book.

Sometimes, the address book service might be already present and you will still not be able to access the address book. In this situation, remove the Address book service and restart the program. Add the service again to the program. This will fix the issue. If you have any queries regarding these steps, you may contact the Outlook help center or our technical support team.

How To Insert Outlook Contacts To A Word File

Outlook Address Book

Address Book In Outlook

Many of the experienced users of the Microsoft Word program consider the wizards that are available in the program an annoyance. This is because these wizards impose formatting options on the document. Just like you do not need to make use of the Mail Merge Wizard to import the Outlook contact data, you may not need the Letter Wizard that is available in the Outlook program.

In reality, you will be able to save some of your valuable time by bypassing the Letter Wizard, if you are trying to insert information to a document that is not a letter. Before using the Outlook address book toolbar to insert the contact data of the Outlook program to a Word document, you need to assign the button to a toolbar. The steps to insert Outlook contacts to a Word file are explained below in this article.


  • The first thing to do is to right click on the grey apace that surrounds the toolbars.
  • Select the Customize button and then click on the Commands tab.
  • Now you will need to click on Insert button that is located under Categories.
  • Under the Commands tab, you will need to scroll until you find the Address Book.
  • Select the Name and then drag it to where you wish to place it in the toolbar.
Outlook Contact Data

Address Book Help

After assigning the button to a toolbar, you will be having immediate access to the Outlook address book.

  • Select the Address Book button and you will be taken to the Select Name dialog box.
  • If you are having many Outlook folders that have the contact data, you can select the proper folder from the drop down box that is located near to Show Names from the label.
  • Choose the name of the contact from the address list located under the label Type, Name or Select from List, to insert the address of the contact.
  • Now you can make use of the radio buttons to choose if you need to use the mailing address or any other address that you have stored in the Outlook program.
  • After finishing the steps, you can click on the OK button to finish the steps.

These are the simple steps to insert the contacts in the Outlook program to a Word file. For further assistance, you can contact the Windows help and support team.

Salient Features Of The Outlook Address Book

Outlook Address Book

Outlook Features

Microsoft Outlook is an excellent email application that also serves as an advanced personal information manager. The program stores the personal and contact information of the users in specific files and folders know as personal storage tables or PST and Outlook address book.

The address book folder in this email application is actually a collection of several address books of varying types and formats. You can also store various types of information in the address book folders and that includes your full name, display name, contact addresses as well as phone numbers and general notes. Hence, the address book can be used to search and select names, email addresses as well as distribution lists while you address the messages.

Whenever you compose an email in Microsoft Outlook and type a name in the To, Cc and Bcc fields, the application automatically checks to see if the name you have entered matches a contact in the Outlook address book. In addition to this service, this option can also be used to search for names and other information that include office locations and telephone numbers of the people. You can find an option that says Find a contact box on the Standard toolbar to search for a contact.

Address Book Folders

Outlook 2013

Many users call up the Outlook tech support to know how to open the address book folder in the application. As it is the case with most of the options in the Microsoft Outlook application, the address book can also be opened in a number of ways in the program. The first method is to open the application and then click on the Tools menu. Here, a list of options would be available, from where you can select the address book. In the second method, you can use the keyboard shortcut to access the address book folder in Outlook. All you require is to use the Ctrl Shift B keyboard combination.

As mentioned earlier, you can also look up for the address book option while composing an email message. While doing so, you can click on the To, Cc, or Bcc buttons to enable the program to open the address book folder and search for the specific contact.

These are some of the main features of the address book folder in the Microsoft Outlook email application. To get more information on the features of this email program, feel free to contact our online tech support team.