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Microsoft Outlook has an inbuilt address book. But, this Outlook Address book is rather inflexible because it prevents you from actions such as moving the entire addresses in the book. For users who wish to have a flexible address book, PAB is the better option.

About PAB

PAB is the short form used for Personal Address Book. It is more or less similar to Outlook Address book in nature. You can add names, contact information and email addresses of people in PAB and use it as your digital address book other than the Outlook Contacts Book. PAB is rather flexible because it remains separate from the built-in Outlook Contacts Book. PAB can be moved across other email client applications, webmail services and different Outlook versions.

What way does PAB differ from built-in Outlook Contact Book?

It is true that many people get confused between the built-in Outlook Contact Book and Personal Address Book (PAB). Outlook stores all its data, including Address Book data, as PST files in the local drive. Conversely, PST file is a separate entity. It is also stored in the local drive but as .pab files.

Does PST file corruption affect PAB?

While using Outlook, there is a huge risk for data loss due to PST file corruption. However, if you have stored all your contact information in the PAB, you will not lose any contacts. Obviously, this is the greatest advantage with the Personal Address Book.

Can PAB be moved?

If you wish to back up the contacts in your Outlook Contact Book, you need to back up the entire PST file, which contains all your Outlook data. Conversely, PAB files can be moved easily to other places such as external storage devices, network drives or even other email client applications.

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How to import PAB to Outlook from another source?

PAB can be imported to Outlook from different sources. However, you need to keep it as a separate entity. There is no option to integrate it with your built-in Outlook Contact Book. To import PAB to Outlook, follow the below steps.

  • Save the PAB file that needs to be imported to Outlook on the desktop.
  • Open Outlook and navigate to File>Open>Import. This will initiate the Import and Export wizard. When the wizard is open, click the button that says Import from another program or file.
  • Select Next followed by choosing Personal Address Book.
  • Now, select the PAB file you have saved on the desktop and click OK.

You have successfully imported the PAB file to MS Outlook. Make sure that you keep your PAB updated.

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Steps To Make An Outlook Address Book

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If you are using Outlook to manage your email accounts and other data, you would have heard the term Outlook address book (OAB). Before knowing the steps to make an address book in the Outlook program, you will need to know a few things about it.

  • OAB has the Contacts folder that the users will be able to see in the Navigation Pane.
  • This is internally maintained when compared to the Personal Address Book, which is maintained externally.
  • Each of the Outlook profile can have only one OAB

These are the important things that you should know about Outlook Address books. The steps to make OAB are explained below in this article. You can follow these steps carefully so that you do not encounter any Outlook errors.


  • Open the Outlook program and from the Tools menu of the program, you will need to choose E-mail Accounts. This will show you the Email Accounts dialog box.
  • Now you will need to choose the Add a new directory or address book option. After that, you can click on the Next button. A dialog box that contains the list of the types of address books that you can make will be displayed. This includes Outlook Address Book or Personal Address Book. The address book in the Outlook program holds the contacts folders and you will be able to define it once in the Outlook profile.

    Personal Address Book

                   Using Address Book

  • Now that you are trying to make an Address Book in the Outlook program, you will need to select that option and then click on the Next button to proceed. Doing this will make the Outlook program to make the new address book and it will be stored in the Outlook profile of the user.
  • Your address book is now ready. To start using the new address book in the Outlook program, you will need to close the Outlook program and then reopen it again.

These are the simple and easy to follow steps to make a new address book in the Outlook program. These steps should be done with care so that you would not encounter any errors in the Outlook program. If you do not feel confident enough to do the steps on your own, you can contact the Outlook help and support team. They will be able to help you further with finishing the steps.

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Export Outlook Contacts To Google+

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Google+ can now upload their Mac or Outlook address book to their social networking account. This apparently is a way to get more people to join the service, which still plays seconds to the more popular Facebook. There had been a rumor about the address book importing feature for some time now, and now that it’s out, you can access it through the Upload address book link in your account.

Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo users might think that this is similar to the contact importer feature they’re used to, but they couldn’t be more wrong. And, being in its infancy, this addition still has a few bugs to be cleared of, although Google seems to be closely following all the feedback they’re getting from early users. You’re wondering if this will work to bring in your Facebook contacts. The answer is no.

Google’s main offer is for users who have friends on an address book that’s outside Google+. This offers a quick solution wherein the contacts can be uploaded to the Find and Invite page, after accessing the Upload address book button.

What you’ll need for this is an address book file on the computer. You can get this from the application you’re using, by following the instructions below.

Getting the Outlook address book

  • Go to the main menu and select File > Import/Export > Export.
  • Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) > Contacts. After that, save the exported file in a secure location.

Getting the Outlook Express address book

  • From the main menu, choose File > Export > Address Book.
  • Choose Text File (Comma Separated Values) from the options shown.
  • Hit Export.

    Outlook Contacts

                Move Outlook Contacts

Getting the Apple Address Book

Open the application and select the all group option. Then choose File > Export Vcards.

Getting the Thunderbird address book

  • Choose Address book, and then select Personal Address Book.
  • Go to Tools, then Export.
  • Save the address book file in the CSV format.

That was on how to use the new Google+ feature to import your address books from various other services. This lets you instantly connect to your Outlook contacts over the social networking platform, which is sometimes a better way to keep in touch than Outlook is. Some of the more casual conversations are better held in the former environment, which can make them livelier.

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The Process Of Recovering Data In Outlook

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If you have an issue in Outlook where you lost some or all of your data, you’d be trying to figure out a way to get it back. If that’s the case, there are some easy data retrieval methods you can use. Maybe the reason your blood pressure has gone up is that you think this is actually hard. Although it can be, it doesn’t have to. A short while of searching on the web and you’ll find that to be true. People more often than not find a repair tool to fix such a problem for them.

Did you know it’s possible to fix corrupted Calendar entries using a professional repair tool? This means you’ll regain all your scheduling and appointment data, and avoid being set back by a loss of important information. There are other tools which take care of PST file corruption, so that your email and contact information can be made and kept safe and organized. Maybe you haven’t lost emails before, meaning that you probably don’t understand how helpful such a tool can be. Plenty of people have to deal with loss of similar data after a virus attack, and the only thing saving their data is a recovery tool.

The Outlook address book is another place where you’ll have important information stored. It contains all the local copies of contact entries you have in the program. If something messes with your address book and the information on it hasn’t been backed up on a server, you’re in for irreversible data loss. Maybe it’s just a data file corruption and to fix this, you need a tool like the one I mentioned above. Search online for the best and the most trusted Outlook address book repair toll, and install and run it to get back the contact information you’ve lost.

Outlook Data Recovery

            Outlook Problems

Outlook data recovery is a common problem among the users of this email client. Although arguably the most useful program in its class, it still brings in many problems which users have to go out of their lengths to fix. But the fixes are common too, and you have plenty of online forums and Outlook support services which can help you out in the event that you hit a snitch. And besides, the usability of the application is simple enough that you can figure out many of the fixes yourself, although testing for these isn’t advised.

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How To Insert Outlook Contact Address In Documents Using Address Book Toolbar Button

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Outlook program has many features included in it. The program also allows you to add various features to it. The address book toolbar button is one such feature. This button allows you to enter the contact information of a person from Outlook address book to the mail you compose. In this post, we will find out how to use this toolbar.

The first step is to assign the toolbar button. Follow the steps below to assign the toolbar button.

  • You will find that there is a gray space near the toolbars. Locate this area and right click here.
  • Choose the option Customize from the menu that comes up.
  • Select the tab Commands from the new Window that comes up.
  • Below the heading Categories, choose the option Insert.
  • Locate the option Address Book, below the heading Commands. You can locate this option easily, since it has the icon of an open book next to it.
  • Select any name and drag it to any place on the toolbar.
  • This will assign the button to the toolbar. With this, you will have access to the Outlook address book of the program with a simple click.

Now, let us find out how to work with the button.

  • Choose the Address Book toolbar button located in the Outlook window.

    Outlook Helpdesk

                  Outlook Email Configuration

  • A new window will come up that asks you to choose the name from the contact list.
  • Sometimes, your Outlook program might contain several contact folders. In this case, you need to choose the right folder. You can use the drop down box for this. It is found next to the option Show Names.
  • In order to add contacts address, you may choose the name of the contact from the list found under the option Type Name or Select from list.
  • The radio buttons in the program can be used to insert the home address, mailing address etc. in the program.
  • Once you finish inserting the address, select the option OK. With this, you will be moved to the document window that you are working on.

With the above steps, you can insert the address details from Outlook in the document that you are working on. For additional help on this issue, you may contact Outlook helpdesk or contact our technical support team.

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