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Microsoft Outlook and Lotus are two popular email client applications. Both applications use their own independent file formats for storing data; PST for Outlook and NSF for Lotus Notes. People who use both clients for emailing might want to the transfer the contact details from Lotus Notes Address book to Outlook Address book. Since Outlook uses its own address book format (PST), the transfer of contacts from the former is not going to be easy. Users are required to convert the contacts in Lotus Notes Address book to the address book format of Outlook before transferring the contacts.

Manual method to convert Notes Address Book to Outlook Contacts Book

The direct option to transfer Lotus Notes Address book contacts to Outlook Contact Book is converting each contact manually and then moving them. However, if you have several contacts for transferring, the process can take a very long time. Moreover, any mistake committed during the conversion process can backfire the entire effort. Therefore, it is advisable not to attempt for manual conversion if you are not very sure about it.

Manual conversion of the contacts is not a feasible solution for organizations as well. It would not only cause unexpected data loss but also could take up a large amount of time from your employees. Nevertheless, the demand to transfer contacts between Outlook and Lotus Notes back and forth remains unchanged. Here are some scenarios when you have to transfer your Outlook Address book contacts to the Lotus Notes address book or vice versa.

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When you are assigned with a presentation

As the head of an organization, you may be supposed to participate in global business meetings or may be required to do a presentation of your company. In such scenarios, you have to convert the contacts details of your email client to the common email client format used by the majority organizations participating in the meeting. For instance, imagine that your email client is Outlook but most organizations that participate in the meeting use Lotus Notes. You have no other option but to convert your contacts to Lotus Notes address book format.

In short, manually converting Outlook Contact book details to Lotus Notes Address book or vice versa is not practical or effective. The best solution therefore is to use an Address book conversion tool. There are several third party address book conversion tools designed for the job. Try out any and see how it works. Also, be sure to download the address book conversion tool from reliable sources.

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Address Book For Outlook - Now On Google Play

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We all manage and store contact information of our relatives, colleagues or people we know. However, we may not find it easy to acquire the contact information of a person if he/she has not provided one directly. If you are working in a firm, which uses Outlook, you can make use of Android apps that help you to collect the contact information of employees easily. The information is collected from the company server, which is very much desirable. This is great news, as the app will be quite helpful for those who require contact information of their subordinates or fellow employees.

The major benefit of Outlook Address Book for Android is that you need not require active internet access in order to collect the contact information from the servers. Other apps that are available today even require Microsoft Exchange password for collecting information whereas Outlook Address book Android app does not require one. This comes to help when you are away from your company or if your company server is temporarily down. You can easily collect the required information in such a situation.

Here, the app makes use of Offline Address book of Outlook instead of Online address book and hence the offline records will be secured in your company’s PC which gets used in this situation. The Android interface is quite user friendly and will help you to get your files synched using the app. Hence, you get all the contact information as required without any hassle. Even though you get the information easily, you can also protect the data of your organization as this app will protect the address book if you happen to lose it.

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You can easily get this App implemented in your firm. For getting help, you can contact the IT administrators and they will have to contact developers to get the app configured. There are various requirements that need to be satisfied. This Android app is normally connected to a computer application and the same is synched with the Offline Address Book. You will also find instructions that will help you to synchronize the app with different operating system platforms like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The priority is that you need to have Outlook 2003 to perform all these functions.

Implementing this app in your firm will only be helpful in the long run. The best part is that it can help you collect contact information without the need of an active internet connection. Try it today!

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Why Is It Advisable To Convert To OLM Address Book In Outlook

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All of us wish to synchronize our accounts with an email program. However, if you are using Outlook email client with a Mac system, it is not possible. This is because the Exchange Server allows this synchronization only with Windows operating systems. If you are using a Mac system, this will prevent you from synchronizing your Outlook address book. Keep in mind that the address book is going to play an important role in storing and saving your contacts and if it is not synchronized, it could lead to many troubles.

With the above-mentioned trouble, many Mac users think of converting the OLM address book in the program. By this, the contacts can be synchronized. Keep in mind that in order deal with customers, clients and colleagues, you need to have the address book synchronized and updated regularly. A non-synchronized address book simply means loss of business.

The address book of an organization will include large number of contacts. These contacts play a vital role in ensuring business to the organization.  Now, some of you might be wondering is it important to convert Outlook address book. If you are using Outlook email client in a Mac system, which provides support for MS Office 365, then it works as Exchange Server. However, it does not include all features and have some drawbacks. Therefore, it is advisable to convert OLM address book in the email program.

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So, how does working with Office 365 not considered worthy in such conditions? One of the factors is the high cost involved. When you use Office 365 in place of an Exchange Server, the price is charged with the size of storage you use. The program also has a low level of SLA. There is no guarantee on the uptime.

Even though Office 365 offers a wide range of facilities to the users, most of them are not of any use. You will also have to pay the price for the service that you may never use. Office 365 does not offer complete confidentiality and in order to achieve this, you would have to purchase a new license. This is going to cost more than what the whole Exchange server package would cost.

Therefore, if you wish to synchronize Outlook, then using Office 365 is never a good choice. Therefore, it is advisable to stick on to the Exchange server, as this will help you to cut down the cost considerably and convert to OLM address book.

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Various Features Of Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is a lot more than merely an email client. It provides different features that find multiple applications at home and work. Using this program, you can access your emails and send out replies from within the software. Webmail services provide the same but email clients provide several other features in addition to the ones that webmail provides. You can assign work to your coworkers and collaborate with them by making use of various features of Outlook.

If you have used Microsoft Outlook, you may have seen the Contacts, the Address Books and the Auto-complete list and several other features. You can create a To-do list to schedule your tasks either for the same day or for any future dates. Moreover, the Calendar feature can be used to share your event manager with others, letting others know when you are free or not. Depending on your preferences, they can also know where and when you are preoccupied and when you would be free to contact.

Some of the noteworthy features of Outlook are:


The Outlook Contacts is a contact manager that holds address and contact details like email address and personal information of the people you converse with. This feature can even be synced with social networking websites to integrate further information.

Outlook Address Book

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Understanding Different Outlook Features

All your Contacts who have an electronic address are collectively saved in the Address Book. It is NOT a real folder or contact list but provides a virtual view of all stored email in Outlook. Imagine it as a container for storing all your sources for addresses. Selecting the Outlook Address Book will show No Entries inside it. This is expected since Outlook has been defined as a box where all the other address lists are stored.

Auto-Complete List

When you begin typing into the To field, email addresses saved in your Address Book will automatically prop up. This is an extremely useful feature which can be used to make sure that you are filling in the right information every time. You merely need to type in the name and the rest of the details are automatically filled out. If you believe this feature is not required, you can also disable this feature. Once disabled, no names or addresses will come up. This is to help un-clutter the addresses in the Contacts folder.

There are several features that Outlook supports. A good knowledge of these features and knowing how to activate them will ensure you cut through all the tasks at the earliest.

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Steps To Import CSV File To Outlook

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Features Of Outlook

Outlook is considered as the best email client in the market that offers numerous features to the users. It is used by millions of people around the world. Outlook email client helps in email communication with its simple and easy to use interface. Outlook is capable of performing many functions. It has features like Calendar, Task lists, etc. which will help in scheduling meetings and other functions with the program.

Outlook is capable of importing data to the program. You can import and export Outlook address book in the form of CSV files. These files are used to save data or contact information between different programs. Importing CSV files to Outlook is a simple process. In this post, we will take you through the process involved.

Steps Involved

  • Open the Start menu of your computer. For this, you may click the Windows button on the desktop or press the Windows key on your keyboard.
  • Choose the option All Programs in the Start menu.
  • From the list of programs that comes up, place the mouse over Microsoft Office. Then, from the sub menu, select the option Microsoft Outlook.
  • Once the Outlook program comes up, click the option File. You can find it on the menu bar. From the menu that comes down, choose Options.
  • Go to the option Advanced, which is found in the left pane of the window.
  • Locate the Export section and choose the button Export.

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  • Select the option Import from Another Program or File found under the heading Choose an Action to Perform.
  • Select the button Next.
  • Choose the option Browse and this will open the box to select the CSV file.
  • Navigate to the location of the file and click it.
  • Choose the button Next.
  • Next step is to choose a destination folder. Select the destination folder, where you wish to import the list. For instance, it can be the main Contacts folder of the program. Choose this option only if you are moving the contacts from another program.
  • Select the button Next and then OK to confirm your selection.
  • Choose the button Finish and this will import the data to the Outlook address book.

We hope that the above steps have helped you to import contacts data to Outlook. For further assistance on this issue, you may contact our technical support team.

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