How To Remove An Unwanted Email Address From Outlook

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Outlook program is the email client of Microsoft and it is very much popular among its users for its unique features. The address list in your email client, that is Outlook, can get crowded with email addresses that you never use. This can prove really annoying while trying to send an email message, as the history of the address list will auto populate in the sent field and make you go crazy. You need not worry on this, as there is a way to delete the unwanted email addresses from the list.

Like Gmail, Outlook program offers a convenience that can turn out to be an inconvenience at times. If you send a mail to some address, which is not in your contact list, the Outlook program remembers the email address automatically. When you type an email address or name in the ‘To’ field of a composed mail, these unlisted email addresses pop up, along with those addresses in your address book. This helps you to bring the addresses without having the trouble to enter it in the Outlook address book.

These unofficial addresses can prove really annoying at times. If an out of favor friend or an out of date email address pops up when you do not need it, you may find it very inconvenient and out of place.

If this is the situation, you may not worry as these unofficial address entries can be deleted from your Outlook address book very easily. Doing this is really easy in Outlook 2010 program. Follow the below listed procedure to remove unwanted addresses from the Outlook database.

Outlook database

                   Outlook email client

When the address appears below the To field, keep the mouse pointer over it but don’t click on it. This will select the address entry and an X mark will appear on the right of the address or the name. Click on that X mark. This will make sure that the entry is removed permanently from the Outlook database and the particular address and name will not bother you again.

Repeat this procedure again to remove all the unwanted address book entries from the list of addresses. By doing this, the unwanted names and addresses will be deleted permanently from the address book of the Outlook program and they will not bother you again. If you are unable to follow the steps, you may contact the Microsoft support team for more clarification on the procedure.

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